About us

We are EarthY, an investment platform for projects with positive long-term impact. As initiator and partner in exceptional projects, we lead our private and public partners through obstacles to realize sustainable habitats together.

Backed by a wealth of experience with residential real estate and mixed-use areas, we invest our passion and expertise in projects that have wellbeing at their core.

We stand side by side our partners. Not only because we share the risk, but because we also share our forward-thinking visions on social cohesion, sustainable technologies and shared amenities.

By organizing and overseeing the entire real estate chain – from investors to end users – we connect capital to communities that think beyond the status quo. By putting people first, we find the best possible value for every project, for everyone.

At EarthY, we don’t simply believe in living; we believe in Forward Living

Forward Living means maximum involvement of future residents, users and locals. We ensure that their voices are heard. Now and in the future. Forward Living also means creating new habitats that deliver not only economic value but also live up to the highest standards of social and ecological values. Developments that actively contribute to the long-term health of society.

This isn’t just our vision of the future. It is the future. A future we are already building.