Bos Uyterlinde

Sustainable living in green surroundings in Amersfoort

Bos Uyterlinde



Number of houses


7.500 m² gross floor area (GFA)
6,5 hectares (30% private property and 70% co-owned public space).

Bos Uyterlinde is a unique development of 19 free plots, 4 semi-detached houses and 10 renovated houses in an open space on a forest plot of more than 6 hectares. Located on Wegh der Weegen, on the territory of Soesterberg and Amersfoort, a new residential environment in the forest has been designed on the former site of a youth care institution and an old office building. In Bos Uyterlinde the experience of nature is a core quality. The part of Bos Uyterlinde located in Soesterberg has been redeveloped in collaboration with Youké youth care.


The Bos Uyterlinde plan came about from the shared enthusiasm between initiators and residents about the quality of living in a wooded area and the shared ambition to find the right balance between freedom and connection - a balance between individual space and life as a small community. This communal character has been reinforced by making the surrounding forest into co-owned property. In addition, “green” in Bos Uyterlinde also stands for sustainable and ecological construction and efficient energy consumption.