Monument & voormalige tuchtschool in Zeist




Number of houses


23.000 m2 gross floor area (GFA)


Sociale huur

The monumental former reform school 'Eikenstein' in Zeist. In the Eikenstein planning area, a mix of 205 homes for various target groups will be combined with supporting functions, outdoor space and collective facilities that stimulate interaction. This special area fits in perfectly with EarthY's core values: character, green and connection. The aim is to create a social ecosystem in which people of different ages, incomes and backgrounds can live together. This is also aligned with the municipal principles for the location. Eikenstein will consist of 41% social rent.


In this project, EarthY is working together with Plegt-Vos, urban development bureau SVP, the RK Woning Bouwvereniging Zeist RKWBV, the municipality of Zeist and care partners yet to be selected. The more than 100-year-old monumental main building is being transformed into approximately 60 (care) homes, and that fits perfectly with the social function that the building has had in the past. Eikenstein offers a wonderful opportunity to give substance to an inclusive neighborhood at this beautiful location in Zeist. Facilitating regular living, care and meeting.