Living in the heart of the Sluisbuurt in Amsterdam




Number of houses
Approximately 120 houses


17.000 m² living, supermarket, working, retail and , supermarkt, werken, retail en hospitality


Private housing

Wonen, werken en kleinschalige commerciële voorzieningen: duurzaamheid en architectonische kwaliteit in het hart van de Sluisbuurt.


Patchwork is a new sustainable living concept with eight residential blocks, each with its own signature. Offering space for interaction with other residentes in the many collective indoor and outdoor spaces. The building is the cornerstone at the heart of the Sluisbuurt where two bicycle paths intersect. The special design of the building gives a transparent atmosphere. The lively plinth for small companies and a supermarket connects the communities in a natural way. Living, working and relaxing… Patchwork has it all!


EarthY and ABC Planontwikkeling will realize 119 homes as a development combination, together with 3.400 m2 of commercial space. The homes vary per residential block; from compact studios and starter apartments to city houses, family maisonettes and luxury crown apartments. Patchwork emphasizes "healthy living", with a negative CO2 footprint and the use of recycled materials and wood construction. Sustainability and architecture come together at Patchwork.


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